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This programme is designed for players to develop their tactical, psychological and social understanding of the game, whilst continuing to enhance their mastery of the ball through different formats and competition.

Here are some examples of the tournaments and festivals delivered in the Youth Development Phase:

Street Ball Tournament

Games will be played outdoors in either 3v3 half court or 5v5 full court format.


  • Players get to play in a different environment having to take other variable into consideration such as wind, weather, ground and more.

  • To encourage high level concentration and control where players are encouraged to stay on their feet and avoid diving on the floor.

King of the Court Tournament

1 vs 1 tournament


  • Players develop their Innovation and creativity skills to find ways to beat different challenges

  • Gives players to come against different match ups which they may not experience in a normal game

  • Develop different tools to beat an opponent in an isolated situation

Team Ball Festival

Games are played with the only way of scoring a basket is via an assist.


  • Moving the ball quickly to not get trapped

  • Scoring off an assist

  • Tactical knowledge on how to get open

  • Improving ways to pass the ball and have good vision of the court

National Tournament


  • Provides players the opportunity to play against different styles, systems and personalities nationally

  • Create an environment which creates heightened stress and pressure for players and coaches

  • Preparing players to adapt to travelling, evening fixtures and variety of environments

  • Socialising with players from different part of the country

  • Visiting different towns, counties and regions across the country

These are a selection of objectives indicating just some of the variety produced within the Foundation Phase programme

PS: Youth Development Phase Ball Size =

U12-U14 Girls = Size 5 (69-71cm ball circumference)

+U15 Girls = Size 6 (72-74cm ball circumference)

U13 - U14 Boys = Size 6 (72-74cm ball circumference)

+U15 Boys = Size 7 (74-78cm ball circumference)

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