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This page contains important information on a number of subjects to provide you with a guide to the Kent Tigers Youth Department in the Hoops Programme. The Kent Tigers produce this information to provide an insight into what we are striving to achieve through the WCPP and the Hoops Programme. Also included within this document is a standard company information.

Kent Tigers Purpose

To produce Europes best performing and compelling basketball club with home-grown players that engages fans and communities across the world

The Youth Department

The Youth Department is responsible for the introduction and development of the World Class Player Plan (WCPP). The WCPP was implemented by the Kent Tigers in 2021 and is the long-term plan which provides the framework for the development of the world's leading basketball Academy system. It is led by two goals: to produce more and better Home Grown Players and to ensure positive development outcomes for all Academy Players. 

The Youth Department consists of Coaching, Education, World Class Performance, Hoops Programme and Player Care.

Facilitate the Development of World Class Players

Provide opportunities at each stage of
the performance pathway to assess and develop players to be technically excellent, tactically astute, physically capable and mentally robust, whilst protecting the integrity of the Academy System for player progression.

Establishing Outstanding Learning Environments and Duty of Care provisions

Establishing learning environments that are safe, caring and inclusive, utilising a holistic approach to player development by promoting education, lifeskills and personal development

Develop a World Class Workforce

Support the development of a diverse, professionalised and sustainable workforce through the provision of individualised and team learning opportunities and support networks.

Image by Markus Spiske
Basketball Game


Our Purpose

A World Leading Hoops Programme which meets the needs of players across the performance pathway.

Our Principles




The Hoops Programme is divided into 3 phases - the Foundation Phase (U9-U11), the Youth Development Phase (U12-U16) and the Professional Development Phase (U17-U20).

U9 – U15 Fixture programme

The Kent Tigers along with Basketball England organises a fixture programme for the U9 to U15 age groups of operating Category 1 and 2 Academies (involving both Categories participating together). Each Kent Tigers Academy receive between 10

to 20 fixtures per season and it is the Academy responsibility to coordinate the fixtures with the attending Club/Academy. This will include the format, timing of fixtures and court size for example.

The principle of reducing travel time to and from games is adopted wherever possible, to ensure game time for each player is maximised. Academies are also free to arrange additional games and training weekends around the Hoops Programme.

U9 – U16 Tournaments and Festivals

Alongside the fixture programme, Academies can also take part in regional, national and International tournaments, some of which may be residential. Additionally, during the summer months, Academies will experience an extensive outdoors programme. The overarching aims of these initiatives are to enhance, not only the technical aspects of the player’s development, but also their psychological, physical and social skills. We look to do this by taking players out of their comfort zones in different and sometimes challenging environments. This is evident through the player led festivals where the aim

is to stretch players socially, developing leadership and confidence. Academies will take part in the Mismatch tournaments and Power Up tournaments where the aim is to challenge the players psychologically. Whilst all of these aims are essential, we want to ensure that the players have fun and lots of opportunities to play.

Academies will also have the opportunity to compete in Cup Competitions, most notably the U12 Kent Cup, U14 Street Cup, U16 National Cup & U16 International Cup. These initiatives have been designed to expose players to different types of competition in different environments and settings that are in keeping with what they may encounter in their basketball careers.

These types of events are designed for players
to experience different styles and tactics adopted by world class opposition.

Each season we hold the Christmas Camp, where players and parents are invited to one centralised location where they can join in with the festivities before finishing the year. It is a great opportunity to meet other academy players and socialise between parents across the Kent Tigers family.

U17 – U20 Programme

The Professional Development Phase (PDP) provides a variety of competitive league and cup competitions preparing players
for the demands of senior basketball. To achieve this, there is greater emphasis on learning how to win and prepare for senior basketball. The competitions throughout the phase ensure that players and coaches are exposed to different environments and styles of plays that comes with all aspects of professional basketball.

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