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This programme is designed to prepare players for the demands and pressures of senior basketball in a competitive environment through varied domestic and International competitions.

National Tournament


  • Provides players the opportunity to play against different styles, systems and personalities nationally

  • Create an environment which creates heightened stress and pressure for players and coaches

  • Preparing players to adapt to travelling, evening fixtures and variety of environments

  • Socialising with players from different part of the country

  • Visiting different towns, counties and regions across the country

International Tournament

Competitive fixtures against International opponents is seen by the Kent Tigers as an important part of the players development to assist with the transition from Academy to Senior First Team. Kent Tigers will be entering different tournaments around the world (predominantly in Europe and USA) to provide Academy players and coaches with exposure to International competition, styles of play and different pressures.


Group Stage

Group stage consists of six groups of four teams, with each team playing each other once (three fixtures in total).

The siz group winners and the two best placed runners up progress through to the knockout stages of the competition. The knockout stages consist of a Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Final which are all standalone fixtures. Games are player abroad at the host location.

Play Up Festivals

Teams get to play up a few ages to challenge themselves against other opponents. U17 vs U18, U18 vs U19, U19 vs U20 and U20 vs Senior.



  • Provides a challenging environment for players to play against older players

  • Getting familiar with having to deal with players that may have more experience and higher IQ level due to age

  • Different match ups and challenges that needs to be resolved through creativity and innovation

Skills Challenge Festival

The festival hosts two team competing in individual challenges to obtain points for their team (similar to the olympic country model). Each club will field players to compete in specific challenges such as 3 point contest, Scoring in the paint contest, Dribbling contest, passing contest, freethrow contest, rebound contest etc. Each player is only allowed to compete in 1 contest and points are added to the overall score for the club depending on how well each team player does in their individual contest


  • Utalising the whole team in the best way to win the Skills Challenge

  • Developing specialised go to skills that could be crucial in a game situation

  • Working on players strength and honing on the most relevant skills to each player that could be used once moved up to senior level

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