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This programme is designed for players to develop their mastery of the ball, 1v1 skills and confidence through a holistic approach with the overarching aim to enhance their love for the game.

Here are some examples of the tournaments and festivals delivered in the Foundation Phase:

Mismatch Tournament

Games will be played using a 5v4, 4v5 and 5v5 format. Each team plays against the other team in each format. The winner will be determined by the team who finishes with the best goal difference.


  • Creates ownership and encourages players to problem solve and become independent decision makers

  • To develop resilience and grit, particularly when outnumbered

  • With the emphasis on outscoring the other team, the team which outnumbers the other team have increased pressure during this period to gain advantage and score buckets

  • Players are required to work as a team encouraging leadership, communication and teamwork skills

  • When the team is outnumbered, bucket counts as one extra point (free throws count as 2 points, 2 pointers count as 3 points and 3 pointers count as 4 points) which aids the concept of risk and reward.

  • Players understanding the risk and reward of scoring buckets during being down leaves the risk of conceding more points against due to being outnumbered.

Mixed Age Festival

Games will be played with each team fielding a player from each age group in the Foundation Phase (2 x U9, 2 x U10 and 1 x U11).


  • Playing with younger players offers older players the chance to act as leaders, opportunities to learn through teaching whilst developing their own self confidence and self-esteem

  • Younger players offer support in their unique natural way. Child feedback is usually short, simple and easy to understand

  • Younger children learn quickly by aiming to standards set by older children. Older kids offer appreciation for younger players achievements and learn how and when to praise.


Power Up Tournament

During games, music will be played at random intervals throughout. When the music is played, each bucket scored is doubled.



  • The environment will focus on enhancing the player's fun, enjoyment and love of the game

  • To create excitement and energy when in possession, whilst managing their levels of emotion

  • To increase concentration levels during the Power Up music

  • To develop visual cues and triggers to communicate whilst the music is playing

3x3 Tournament

Games will be played using a 3v3 format.


  • To develop creative, intelligent, independent decision makers

  • The environment will focus on enhancing the player's fun, enjoyment and love of the game

  • Players to develop 1v1 attack and defending skills

  • The environment creates greater contact time on the ball, and the need for imagination and technical mastery requiring quick and instinctive decisions

These are a selection of objectives indicating just some of the variety produced within the Foundation Phase programme

PS: Foundation Phase Ball Size = Size 5

(69cm to 71cm ball circumference)

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