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Here at the Tigers Academy, we have a complete pathway from Baby Tigers to the Academy and then into the Kent Tigers Senior teams.


Level 6 = Senior Basketball

Level 5 = University Basketball

Level 4 = Elite Academy (U19)

Level 3 = Academy (U12, U14, U16)

Level 2 = Satellite Basketball Club

Level 1 = After-school Basketball Club

Our current priorities are:

  1. Building a community around the Tigers. We are a community focused club where the local support is vital for our teams. We want to build relationships with local schools, community programs, businesses and people that will come to support the academy program.

  2. Growing female participation at the Tigers. We provide full pathway for both boys and girls to play basketball. We aim to continue to develop the women/girls game by promoting female participation and eventually building a girls academy program.

  3. Developing World Class players. We aim to produce players that will be able to compete anywhere in the world. By the deployment of the World Class Player Plan (WCPP), players are given proven methodology and structure to take them to the next level.,

  4. Inspiring and motivating the youth. We understand the importance of having local role models that the youth can look up to as they grow up within the club. We make it an effort to bring onboard inspirational coaches and staff that can support the players as they grow to be young men and women.

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